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I caught Mark Driscoll’s “Porn Again Christian” today while relaxing my brain from programming. Overall, I really like it. I thought it was concise yet poingnant, even though it appears unfinished (as of 10/09/2008). He gives a brief overview in chapter 1 about God’s position toward pornographers and those that engage in the creation and lewdness of such an industry. Then he moves on to God’s established warnings and consequences for such behavior. Finally, in the uncomplete version of the on-line book, he moves on to talk about how pornography is addressed in scripture, where he asserts that despite the lack of the word pornography in scripture, it is certainly addressed often. Chapters 1 and 2 address the more overarching theme of sexually oriented sin, leaving the drill down for chapter 3.

While I agree with Mr. Driscoll and his perspective, I would encourage him to list references for his material, since this is a book. For example, in Chapter 3, he says,

Pornography is so enticing for men because there is a biological connection between a man’s eyes and his genitals that causes men to be easily stimulated visually.

While I see this, it would be nice (since he graceously provides scripture references to back up his biblical statements) to have a reference to medical information. I think that public speakers err on stating facts like this without backing them up. I’ve listened to numerous men say that we are visually stimulated while women are, by omission from the statement, not, but I have heard nothing as to physical studies or evidence of this. With just a small amount of research, a public speaker could provide a few references so his/her audience would not think they are pulling these statistics or scientific phrases out of their back pocket. For example, I found a study conducted by Net Nanny that says this

Vision is the key perceptual sense in males-they “like to look.” They respond with far more vigor and speed to visual stimuli than females typically do.

and this,

Knowing that the typical male viewer’s primary perception is vision, pornographers have crammed the Internet with every visual stimulus that exists – photographs, videos, live-camera, cartoons, virtual reality, etc. These appear as “banner ads” even before the male viewer ever enters the porn site. Like “billboards,” banner ads display graphic porn and words of every kind designed to visually lure in male viewers. Such banner ads are attached to standard search engine home pages for men, women and children of all ages to see.

While, this is a step in the right direction, it’s not complete because all I did was find yet another article that says men are stimulated visually. There’s got to be someplace, somewhere that has this as a study. Find it and link it. It’s helpful to people to trust what you’re saying.

I am simply moving towards not having blanket statements at church, really. Homer Simpson once said, “Bah! Statistics can prove anything. 14% of all people know that!” How often are we at church and hear a pastor drop some statistic from his back pocket and not provide notes or links on the slides or even a verbal reference to where he/she got that from? Let’s do our due diligence.

On a side note, I found a sermon on line that mentioned male-perception as primarily vision oriented. While not finding a reference to anything backing that up, I did find that the pastor had a reference for his claim that an increasing number of women are looking at pornography. While he didn’t give the exact place to find it, an internet-savvy person can easily locate a reference based on what he gave (simply the author, the publication and the year/edition of it). I found a link through Google’s Cache. This is merely what I’m asking for, pastors of the world.