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Dear Representative Baldwin,
I am shocked to learn of the involvement of Mr. Kevin Jennings, the current Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Office of Safe and Drug-Free Schools, with the organization GLSN. In fact, he is the Chief Executive of this organization which has promoted Pedophilia, an illegal behavior in the United States of America, as well has promoted the education of children in the ways of homosexual activity–NOT homosexuality, but ACTIVITY, as in HOW TO PERFORM VARIOUS SEXUAL ACTS, as in PORNOGRAPHY GIVEN TO MINORS–under the pleasant guise of health education. This is simply unacceptable behavior of one charged with the safety of our children!
I urge you to voice your opposition to the national and public endorsement of Pedophilia and crimes against our youth, subjecting them to pornographic material underage and educating them in things of which they are unfit to grasp in a safe manner. NOT voicing support to H.R. 966 ( shows that you support such leadership and an embracing of such activity, which I am sure, good Madam, that you, having deep values and moral conviction, do not, indeed, support.
Thank you,
Mr. Michael Caron
Sun Prairie, WI

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