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Monthly Archives: August 2008

Disappointed with Blogger now for some years and seeing the phenomenal product which is WordPress, I’m officially moving my blog. Oh, yeah and it comes with a new discipline of posting once a week, mainly so that I can develop my writing proficiency as well as keep my creativity up. I’ll post stories of my childhood, my adult childhood, my travels, thoughts, maybe even some code, but for the most part, I don’t want this to turn into yet another place for just sharing links I find on the internet. This is going to be about my life, not my links.

I had blogged while I lived in Germany because things were interesting, even the mundane, so it was easy. Going to the grocery store held as much potential for curiosity as, say, riding down the freeway on a shiny, galloping horse. Who wouldn’t write about that? After I moved back to the U. S. A., things didn’t appear so interesting anymore. Life was more or less routine, especially in Minneapolis. I never happened upon a protest on my way to Lockheed Martin in my shiny, red Golf. Confusion over which toothpaste to buy when there are literally hundreds at the store was about as interesting as things were.

What I failed to notice was that life here is interesting. The quirks of my thoughts are certainly interesting enough and my adventures with Becky are wild enough that I think people will get a kick out of listening to them. My insight into things and my attention to detail is missing in this world of tweets and blips and facebook updates. I take time to savor, I should take time to devulge it.

That is all for now. Thanks for listening. Enjoy the rest of this.